i am doing my fiRsT bLoG GivEaWaY ever!

i am pleased to announce that i have once and for all done away with my famous massive "laundry parties"!!!

now have quaint "laundry get-togethers" instead!!!

i had [4] "laundry get togethers" this week and boy were they fun!!!

realized how much i just loved my cute LiTtLe piles!

i couldn't believe how exciting it was to pull a hot load out of the dryer and fold/hang it while it was still warm. [a wierd pleasure i know. ]

i spent like 30 hours (exaggerated just a bit, but it sure felt like it) going through the mounds of clothes deciding what i should or should not keep and putting away the too bigs or too littles in their appropriate bins.
it was NOT a pretty sight.
it was arduous even.
it almost felt like i was loosing a limb as i tossed the bags and bags of clothes into the D.I trailer.
i think i'm o.k. now though.
i sorta feel liberated in a weird sorta way.
i got rid of all laundry baskets in bedrooms and now only have my 3 sorting baskets in the laundry room. that's super fun too. (that was great advice karen..)
i made another new rule: i'm not allowed to take a load out of the washer UNLESS it's being sorted and put away. (which is really been a life changing event for me.)
i've set a timer to go off near the end of the dryer cycle that i can't turn off until i've gotten to fold the laundry. (man i hate that beeping noise.)

crazy thing is: justin wore the SAME OUTFIT 3 times this week....
and it was clean EVERY TIME!

i could really simplify and only have 2 outfits per kid! (ok...lets not get too carried away here.)

Now for the best part!!!!!!!

i am so grateful for your help...and as a thank you to all of you whom offered wonderful suggestions.

i am doing my fiRsT bLoG GivEaWaY ever!

i will draw a name from the comments left and I will send this
EnTirE BasKeT oF ChiLdRen's HaNgeRs
to the lucky winner!

All you have to do is leave a comment and let me know you would like to be entered!

i just KNOW you are excited about this!;)

You have until Saturday February 7th at 11:59pm est.
I will announce the winner on Sunday February 8th in the morning.

and just so we all remember...
i leave you with a message from my mom:

"I used to put laundry in first thing in the morning, make sure it was in the dryer before work, and fold it and put it away when I got home.
I remember and still think that laundry is "fun" ...serendipity ... when you've "conquered" it.


to laundry freedom!!!!"LOVE, MOM

awe...isn't she cute!?!
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Larae Taylor Merritt said...

What an accomplishment! I'm so happy for you. I too love the touch and smell of clean clothes right out of the dryer. My kids always ask me why I smell it! I just love that smell!

*I don't need the hangers. I have plenty. But FUN give away!

Tara said...

I just found your blog through my sisters. Just so you don't freak out, thinking you have a weird stranger commenting here, I met you at my cousins consignment sale. You bought the kids kitchen that I was selling. Ring a bell?

There you go. I may be weird, but I am not a stranger.

I am still stuck as your former self, as far as the laundry thing goes. I have about a billion excuses as to why. Right now, my broken leg isn't helping. See another excuse for laundry EVERYWHERE. I just might have to follow suit and have a major clothing give-away.

Chels said...

Here I am, doing the OPPOSITE! AHH!!! What am I thinking?!?!?!?!? Now I am for SURE going to get rid of some of Colette's clothes in the process that I am going through, but they will go in boxes, as the new baby will eventually grow into them. But I am pulling out BOXES and BAGS full of clothing!!! I am washing, folding, and getting organized... wait alot like you did with the crates when you were prego! I am sorting through the PILES and PILES of different sizes, and going to bin them in the right bins. Though, that part has yet to begin.... Right now it is all still in piles and bags in my loft... Oh.... what a JOY it will be to be organized! I LOVE the laundry cart (I have one as well, though it is for my dirty stuff with 3 bins, and I have a clothes horse for the stuff to be hang dried.) I suppose I should get back to it, YES, I am even plugging away at it at night. You know how the little "helpers" love to "help". Loved the post!!! Wow, I sure went overboard on the long comment hu? Sorry!!!

Home Sweet Home with the Englehart's... said...

Have you considered a counselor to deal with your laundry issues? I am getting concerned about your obssessing with the laundry Julie!!! It does not get any better with more kids you know! Have you looked for large mesh bags you could put each child's clothes in to eliminate sorting. I did resort to that for socks...it is insane the amount of socks there are!

i said...

tara...i know who you r...that means u r not a stranger! :) glad you stopped by!

very funny cindy. i know it will just get worse. hence the current obsession. no counseling needed, thank you. got blog. :) do they even have "laundry counseling??? :)

PookaB said...

Good job! I think Matthew would keel over if I ever got a hold on our laundry!

Jill said...

I am so happy that I am not the only one with this struggle!!!!! We have a big cotton rug that we keep in the livingroom that we wash at the laundromat in their giant machines every month or two. When I was picking it up yesterday I notice the fluff n fold sign: $1 a pound. How many pounds of laundry do I have waiting?!? I have no idea.

Hopefully I will be able to follow in your footsteps and have my own load of hangers soon! Yay for you!

Leslie said...

I love folding laundry straight out of the dryer. It's a treat to have it so nice and warm. I like to sit down and pile it on my lap and fold it from there. I guess I can say this is a rare treat because I'm more likely to pile up the whole days' laundry and fold it all at once. Not necessarily (or usually ever) the same day. :-)

P.S. Philip loves the warm laundry, too. He doesn't love to help, though, so I'm trying to harness the two!

Anonymous said...

Okay too funny. I just colored organized my clothes today in my closet. Great Sunday Activity!! You don't need to enter me into the contest. We have plenty of hangers....give them to someone who needs them!!!

Melissa said...

I need to go through all the clothes... actually, I need to go through everything in our home and just get rid of stuff!! Perhaps I should start with the clothes...

I'm glad you've found something that works for you :D

Ryan Englehart Family said...

ok you kill me with your laundry, I never do laundry, I may occasionally wash it, but I seldom fold laundry....I leave it for my husband....and he gladly takes care of it...this weekend he folded 12 loads of laundry! and then he moved onto the dishes, but I dont think I can leave those sitting for him all week :( ...may not smell good by the end of the week!

i said...

i killed me too becky.... and i was sick of that.:) i'm just excited to get a handle on this for once.:)

oh....and the hanger giveaway...just a joke. right?? but if anyone really wants some, they're yours. :)

Michelle said...

I would love some hangers... because I just bought 66 items of clothing at the childrens orchard in summerlin on saturday... for only $15!! They were closing (sadly). At first I was just going to get some things for Weston, but then when I saw all the newborn stuff I just went nuts. So, I will definatey need some hangers. :) By the way, have you looked at my last post? I think you may want to.

Janelle said...

Congrats! You must be so proud! Does this mean you are available for play dates again??? I need to conquer my bedroom at my house! We all have our battles, right!

Anonymous said...

I love my Sweet Julie!!! Your blog is so cool. Thanks for the direct quote recognition. I'm proud of you and your new found laundry freedom. Today the laundry, tomorrow the _________ (you fill in the blank). Love, MOM

JanaeGalindo said...

Great job Julie!