One of the true joys of Summer!
Justin just MIGHT enjoy his watermelon more than I do!?!

or...maybe Anna wins the prize!?!?

During my b-day party she made here way to the watermelon tray and had a hay day!

Watermelon is my top craving at this point in my pregnancy. Our family can eat an entire watermelon in one day...thanks to me! Sometime I consider enjoying it on the level that Anna does! I wonder if it tastes better when it's dripping down your face and neck!?!

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Karen said...

Not a huge fan of watermellon but your kids make it look inviting!!

Melissa said...

I LOVE WATERMELON! When we lived in Oregon, there was a farm just down the road where you could go and buy melons and they were FANTASTIC! They had always picked them that day... we never got a bad watermelon from there. Never!

Becky said...

Julie..you are such an easy going mom. I need to be more like you! I think you and Javier need to have a watermelon eating contest because he LOVES it!!!