Coconuts drive me coconuts!

I was being adventurous and bought a quick crack coconut. Cracking it was easy. I drained out the milk then threw it on the concrete and.... viola! It was open. As I went to actully eat the fruit of my labors I only got tiny slivers after multiple attempts to get SOMETHING of worth off of that shell, but to no avail. So there, in my fridge it sits, waiting to be eaten. But how to get the healthy white flesh to separate from the shell. If anyone can give me any tips, I'd appreciate it. I've almost given up hope, especially after many minutes of searching on the internet on how to harvest the dang meat from my coconut! Is there any hope or did I just pick a bad one???
I had another coconut and tried the peeler...it worked!I pried all of the all of the flesh off which had a brown crust, peeled that off and then shredded in my food processor. Boy did that hard coconut make a racket! it Probably not worth the 45 minutes it took!

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The Dover Family said...

No clue, but maybe one of those electric knives might work? Maybe I am crazy. Let me know what you find out,it sounds like a fun way to introduce this fruit to kids.

Bunting Family said...

You could try a vegetable peeler? I saw it once on Good Eats, but that was only the brown skin under the rough part. Good luck!

The Morris Fam said...

I will try the Vegi Peeler! The pieces that I do get off only have that brown crust.It doesn't taste good so the peeler will work wonders...I wonder if it will still taste alright after days of isolation in the fridge!

Angie Larkin said...

When I was in Hawaii, I found even the paradisical Hawaiin coconut to be difficult to eat. The locals served it in three inch peices and we just flat out gnawed on it with our teeth. Scrape...scrape...scrape...Tasty, but tricky.

lilmegmo said...

I love fresh coconut! There is nothing better in this world. But, I agree that it is a major pain to get to it. When I opened my first coconut, I used a hammer and then a veggie peeler.