I was just thinking how strange it is that I like grapefruit. At no other time in my life have I enjoyed eating the stuff. Now, I have one every day and have found great joy in scooping out the juicy flesh and eating it section by section with my beloved grapefruit spoon. It's my current favorite food ritual. Yes, some pregnick people are strange.


kristi said...

yum. I love grapefruit. And I'm not even pregnant.

Ambi Mo said...

I've seriously tried, but I cannot to seem appreciate grapefruit. It tastes like medicine or poison or poisoned medicine. Using the spoon is fun though!

I had a ton of fun at the cabin sledding with Patrick and hollering at him to be more careful. He is so much fun to play with. I HOPE YOU AND THE KIDS FEEL BETTER!

Anonymous said...

Grapefruit is delicious!!! I eat it a lot until I'm tired of it ... then wait a few weeks and buy some again. It's good for you.