Good to know...

I looked over at the baby counter/development tracker and I laughed when I read, "Baby is now urinating." I am not good at changing diapers when they are just pee so I'm glad I don't have to worry about doing it for two children...just yet at least. I am interested in how I'll react/adjust to having 3 under 4. I hear quite often that it's the hardest to get used to. Maybe that's because with the 3rd pregnancy you don't spend every waking minute thinking about that little bundle of joy growing inside of you, as you are constantly full of wonder about what it will be like to give birth and have a baby. I used to spend hours reading pregnancy books. I think I've looked in one once so far. I do think about the fact that I have got life growing inside-at least once a day.:)
I am not the type to be anxious to have the baby be born as soon as possible. I have such cushy pregnancies that I actually find it much easier to have the baby inside the womb. Yesterday at almost 4 months I told Patrick, "I actually feel pregnant now, like there is something going on inside that growing bulge."

This is what the little tyke looks like about now. So peaceful looking... Right now my baby is very well mannered and enjoys just hanging out very comfortably with no complaints (none that I know of at least.) With baby inside there is no diapering, crying (even if it is so cute at first), long hours awake at night, siblings acting crazy due to adjustment, fatigue and trying to get back any semblance of a schedule within 3 months. It will be lots of fun. At least babies are adorable and make hearts melt which makes all the effort worth it!

Any advice for a 3rd time mother? Not many people want to offer much after they find out that it's not your "first." When Anna was first born, the thing I heard the most was, "It's nice that you have a boy and a girl. Now you don't have to have anymore." I wonder what they think in the store when you have two wiggling ones and see another one on the way. I know what one lady was thinking, cause she told me while we stood in line at Wal-Mart when she saw a rambunctious little Justin and newborn Anna. "Your done, right??? I have four grown kids and wish I had had only two kids! We missed out on a lot of fun trips and extra things." Now that's really sad! It's especiallysad since she said it to a complete stranger who happened to want at least 4 kids. I'm happy to have children and enjoy all the fun and endure all of the things that are there to challenge me and make me stronger..and not be able to take that European vacation until a MUCH later date in time.


Melissa said...

Amazing... my brother in law's dad has informed him that they wished they only had 2 kids... there are 4 and my BIL is number 3 - nice eh?
I had a dentist rail on me one time because we have three kids.... he was doing a root canal on my mouth, so I couldn't really argue with him. But he went on and on about how people that have more than two kids are over populating the earth and blah blah blah... :S
And the adjustment to three was a little harder... not horrible, but it took me some time. But I think you will be just fine!! :)
And I love that your baby is "so well mannered". That? Made me laugh!!!

kristi said...

three has been more fun that two for me. The biggest adjustment was Andrew and Mandy learning to play with each other. They are champs at it now, and I think some of it was me having a third, but mostly I think that Mandy just finally got big enough that Andrew was actually interested in playing with her. You'll be great mothering 3!