Easter Egg Hunt

Anna was so thrilled to notice things INSIDE the eggs that she decided to tell it to the world!
It was also fun to watch the other big kids devouring their spoils!

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Melissa said...

Looks like everyone had a pretty good time!! :)

summer c said...

OK, so I am sure I am totally out of the loop b/c of everything that happened with Hunter but, you're pregnant?

The Morris Fam said...

Summer, Glad your family has recovered from the plague...This comment from Feb. 25 is perfect to display how much was going on in your life! Welcome back!
Blogger summer c said...

k, how come I didn't know you were pregnant?

7:41 PM

My Reply:
Blogger The Morris Fam said...

Summer, you've been busy in your house lately! Obviously not wasting your day away surfing blogs as much as I have lately. I used to only look at blogs weekly. As a lazy pregnick woman I do it almost every day!Ouch.