Lament over a yard sign.

I pulled out of my driveway one cloudy, wet morning and it was gone! What could have happened to my Mitt Romney for Pres. sign that had been posted in my yard but only a few weeks? Stolen? Blown away?Was it a sign from above??? It was nothing tragic as I suspected. It had been retired and stashed in the back of our truck by Patrick to sit and gather rain. He had asked a few times if he could take it down, but I resisted. I guess he was ready to move on...Which I can't blame him for since it is his front yard too! So there it sits with a puddle of water gathering in the center of the sign...
What else? It was sad when I went to his site and all I could find is a thank you and farewell message. As a final blow, the Mitt Link has permanently been disabled, erasing all memories of his campaign! What is one to do??Who in the heck will I vote for now? Do I keep the bumper sticker on my car in hopes he'll run again?? What ever will I do??? Now that I'm finally able to write about this sad tale and progress through the grief cycle, maybe I'll be ready to move on with my life.
Now to be serious, minus the silly drama...Too bad America isn't ready for such an outstanding leader. I did love hearing his concession speech and thinking, "isn't it wonderful that such an outstanding, inspiring talk given by a former stake president is able to be broadcast to the whole dang country! " The talk is worth your time if you haven't listened to it yet. What a guy!
In memory\honor of Willard, I share with you this "touching" video.


Patrick said...

Romney, Romney, Romney!!!

Melissa said...

I read an article the other day that said McCain would be a smart man to pick Romney as his Vice... he needs someone REALLY conservative on the ticket with him... ya never know :)