What do your kids do when you are on the phone?

I was in plain view of the back door but it never registered that they had gone outside in the cold rain. I swear that they got this messy within a matter of minutes. For some reason, Justin's umbrella didn't even work!:) What really escaped me was the fact that there was a brand new, never been there before RIVER in my backyard (if you could even call it a yard.) We really messed up the drainage slope when we put in the retaining wall but had no idea how severe it was until now since it rarely rains this much here!
Am I the only one that spaces out when the phone rings???

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Melissa said...

Looks like fun to me! Can I come play?
My kids get into all kinds of trouble when I'm on the phone... it's like they wait... and watch... plot and plan for the perfect moment...
"She's on the phone - let's go!!"

Matilda said...

HAHA, my kids get LOUDER when I'm on the phone! And then when it's quiet...you know something bad is happening...like right now...ugh...I better check on them... ;)

For me it's blogging, and on the phone!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! He's fantastic isn't he!!