Someone is Excited!

Justin's favorite gift from Santa...Can you tell?
Grandma & Grandpa Austin got them this train set. They love it!
These Boots gave me Mom points that will last through Justin's teen age years.
Justin's dream come true! He has always been obsessed with any type of shoes, but especially boots. When "writing" a note to Santa, the only nice thing he could say is, "I like your boots, but you scare me." This kid is a SHOE BOY!!!! He has thanked me 20+ times for them. Notice the MASSIVE size... I thought I'd get them just a bit big to make it worth it. I later realized that kid's don't wear size 2 until they are 6 or 7! Lucky thing he could care less!
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Melissa said...

Cute! We had a pair of cowboy boots given to us at one time... but my little guy liked to stomp on things with them... including, but not limited to my feet. They disappeared after awhile...