one month later!

Yes, it's November 30 and I'm posting Halloween...
What is he??? Migrant farmer! He opted out of the origional idea of us as the farmers and our kids a pig and a cow... and so... he's a hungry mexican farmer downing double corn dogs.
Anna managed to bite through the wrapper only once...and since it was Halloween, I let her keep it!
The cuties in their costumes Justin goes to pre-school with each Thursday.
Justin's dream come true, mom's nightmare.
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Mansius Family said...

What cute costumes! And yes candy is a Mommy's nightmare. My kids only had a few pieces and were bouncing off walls. And I ate a lot more of it than I should have.

Darrell and Alissa said...

Justin is so adorable! We just got rid of all the candy- and went to a parade today and got tons more! My kids don't know it's going in the trash very quickly!