Our Garden Rocks!

Our Garden ROCKS!

Several of my friends have beautiful fruits and vegetables to show for their labors. We have rocks.

These rocks were hauled in from surrounding areas by my now especially buff husband and will soon be put to use as a retaining wall...Much to Justin's dismay I'm sure, because now they are his official play set. This isn't the garden of my dreams, just a work in progress!:)
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Mansius Family said...

That should be a nice retaining wall! Good luck with it! Poor Justin. It looks like he is having fun playing on the pile of rocks. Don't worry about not having a garden. I didn't know to many people that grew much besides cacti in Las Vegas.

Darrell and Alissa said...

Hey that looks like my garden I had! In my opinion rock gardens are the best- they don't die, and don't need water!