A Morris Adventure Through Mammoth Caves

A Morris Adventure Through Mammoth Caves ..but not in order.
We barely could fit through this hole. My pants even got pulled right down as I went through....Anna fit through just fine though.
This is us just after we all make it out alive...and happy to see the light of day.
This is an entrance to Mammoth cave....or an exit if you can't manage to fit out the other end of the maze.
No, we didn't decide to lock this cute fella up...he's on a spelunking adventure. Above Brian Head in the mountains is Mammoth Caves... We decided to go all together and have fun in the dark. It was way more challenging than I had imagined, especially with Anna in a sling on my chest. It feels good to accomplish something difficult. Just not when you are wedged between boulders and twisting your body through and feeling anxious to take a deep breath, hoping you will just get out soon....Anna was sure ready by the end of our adventure.
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Home Sweet Home with the Englehart's... said...

Seeeing those photos and reading your commentary makes me nervous just thinking about it! You are brave! If I am going into a cave there better be a BIG WIDE mouth to enter and NOTHING I have to squeeze through!

salimabean said...

Julie, I think the entrance/exit is blocked off for a reason! You are crazy! But glad you accomplished it with your kidos.