Burried Treasure...well, kind of.

Ever go on a treasure hunt? A modern version is called Geo Caching...not done with maps but with a GPS tracking unit. While on a vacation in Brianhead we went together and found the Cache ( my first time going with Patrick and Justin.) I've always thought it to be a bit goofy but enjoyed getting to go on a "hike with a purpose and destination" as I've always called it. Basically you download a location from a site then follow your GPS unit to find it. There is usually a little box, pen, a log book and maybe if you are lucky you will get a dinky little toy. Human's do funny things sometimes huh?!?!?

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Darrell and Alissa said...

This sounds so fun! I would love to do that, of course there can't be too many bugs, it can't be too hot, and I can't get too dirty. Hmm... maybe I'm not a good canidate for this after all!