Spring is almost here!

It's official!
The peas are planted and the official planting season has begun around here!
My goal: TO GROW FOOD!
As much as possible! 

And it might just work.
I am hoping so at least! 
I am taking a monthly class that teaches what I should be doing in the garden each month.
Sofar, so good!

Plus, I've got seeds!
And there will be lots more.

I am soooo excited for spring to be here!

In other news....last month I found my camera with a puddle of water welled up in the lens thanks to poor placement on my part when I took it with me in the car and a certain 2 year old with a mason jar full of water. It's back to camera pictures for a while...Arg!

1 comment:

MOM said...

That'll be so nice to grow your own veggies. I would have liked to help you plant... but it wouldn't stop raining long enough.
Soooo, is your camera usable now? I guess that's how you took these pictures.
I still need to forward you pics from my visit.
I had a great time!!!!! Thank you!!!!!
I love my Sweet Julie!!!!!
Love, MOM