My Baby. Two.

I can hardly believe it!
My baby is two!
Now that I don't complicate things any more than needs be for birthdays, making a two year old happy on his big day is a cinch!
I made a cake, had the kids wrap a few gifts, threw up the trusty pennant, lit some chopsticks on fire (not a tradition...I couldn't find the real candles), and we sang him a happy song! 
A perfect birthday for my cute little guy.
Here's some stuff about Devon at two!
Thanks for the idea Melissa. ;)
  Height and Weight: 
30" and 28#
Favorite Color:
Favorite Foods:
Apples are his favorite, but Devon will eat most anything!
He loves food, and eats lots of it!
Favorite Treat:
Dried figs, raisins and anything he can get his dad to share with him.
Favorite Toys:
Babies, dishes, blocks and cars.
Favorite Outfit:
None at all.
It is sooo hard to get him to keep clothes on...

Favorite Activities:
Lately, he LOVES looking at picture books, just like his siblings.
He has also become rather fond of climbing on tables.
Were trying to undo that one.

What makes him happy:
Animals, especially dogs and chicks, people acting silly and welcoming daddy home! He sure loves his daddy.
He's more of a daddy's boy than any of the other kids.
What makes him sad:
Until, two weeks ago, it was being in nursery.
He dislikes it when anyone leaves and he doesn't get to go...especially when it is daddy that leaves him.
Personality Traits:
 Bashful, rambunctious, explosive, stubborn if asked to do something, reserved in new settings, easy going, easily entertained, loving when he warms up to others, star of the show, and independent.
On the way out the door to go the auntie's house for his first sleepover.
He was mostly a big boy. :)
Skills he is mastering:
Copying anything and everything we do. He also repeats us constantly.He was potty trained last month and loves the attention he gets, but is reconsidering his options at the moment. Running with a little waddle. Cleaning like everyone else. Helping out and being a big boy.

He loves seeing pictures of Jesus and pointing him out. He loves to pray like us and can repeat what we say. I have even heard him praying on his own once.
So cute.


Eve | Inchworm Chronicles said...

What a big guy Devon is getting to be! I love the photo of him in the onion drawer. Happy birthday!

the Ericksons

MOM said...

This is such a special birthday blog!!!
Devon looks so cute and has grown so much since I was there.
I'm really looking forward to visiting again.
I hope what I sent arrived for Devon...
Thank you!!!!
I love your blogs...
And I love my Sweet Julie!!!!
Love, MOM