cheep fun

 Last weekend, 7 of the chicks hatched and we have been having fun ever since. 
There is a LOT of cheeping going on around here!

 It is an amazing experience to watch new life begin...and end also as one chick that tried to hatch did not make it.
Shortly after the first pipping began, I quickly realized that hatching chicks is recipe for OBSESSION! 
For 2 days straight, all I could think about was CHICKS! 
I was constantly in and out of the room, eyes peeled and watching the progress.
I wanted to see one hatch so bad but always just missed it. 
Then at about 10:30 on Saturday night, I decided I was going to watch a chick hatch that had been pipping for a while. By midnight, I just knew that it would hatch at any moment. At least I thought it would!? 

When 3am came around that little chick finally hatched. 
And I was 1 tired mamma when at 8 am I had no choice but to get up....
Plus, I had more chick watching to do!

My kids, especially Justin are LOVING them and have each picked their own out. Luckily they are all so different.
 Justin is holding 'my' chick...the one I stayed up WAY too late for! ;)

 Already, in 1 week they went from only fluff to fluff and feathers on their wings.
It's pretty cool to watch them develop. 
The kids are so excited to share the excitement. The chicks even got to Skype with my mom tonight. 
This is all great cheep fun for sure!


Maynor Moments said...

I was excited about this blog! That is so awesome Julie!

MOM said...

That was so exciting watching and listening to the chicks last night on Skype!, so I love seeing the younger chicks on your blog. Wow, you are really giving your children some precious life lessons on your little "farm".
Wonderful!!! I'm proud of my sweet Julie!!!
Love, MOM