the view

If you have ever had a back spasm, I can now empatize as of last Monday. I am pretty sure that spasm, that 3 hours of torture, was the worst pain I have ever experienced.

Avoid one at all costs.

 It is amazing how a seemingly small injury can cause big problems.   A disc injury to be exact.

I am doing far better thanks to a great chiropractor.
Dr. Barnick even did a house call.
I am so grateful since my only other option was to be hauled away.
I was THAT pathetic.
To add to the drama, I was on the floor next to my bed where I had been for an hour that morning unable to get up until he came.
It was humbling.

I have been greatly blessed by good people.
On my worst day, my friend even came over to help with the kids and clean the house.
I have recived massages from a great therapist.
My dear Patrick has served me over and over.
I have been reminded that God knows me and is aware of my needs.
I know that he guides me.

While I have had a lot of pain, whenever I lay flat on my back, much of that is alleviated.

As a result, I was able to enjoy "the view" more than I have lately as I have been so busy around here the last couple of months.

The kids DID wreck the house, but it has since recovered.


I was reminded of how awesome my kids are.
Here's the lunch salad Justin served me without even being asked!

What a pathetic, lucky girl I have been.

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MOM said...

Wow, your back has been hurting for a long time. Sorry you're in such pain. I wish I could be there to help. Having family, friends, and neighbors to help is such a blessing from our Heavenly Father. Hope you're up and feeling better soon. Love, MOM