We had so much fun in April!
Here are the pictures to prove it.

Uncle Kyle stayed with us for a night since he was in the area for an architecture field trip.
He was our first visitor ever!!!

 We took him on walk to to creek! Anna sorta liked Uncle KyKy. Ya think?!
The kids followed him around like he was a celebrity!

Auntie Amanda (married to Kyle) came in 2 days later since she got some time off. She got to see Kyle a few times downtown even!

We drug her everywhere with us for four days!
She went with us to our homeschool co-op and helped in the nursery!

We went foraging for nettles! Amanda wins the prize for top forager. For sure!
We went to the TEN GRANDS concert downtown. It was AMAZING!!! We just wish we had realized we should have worn our evening gowns.

We even got to enjoy Easter with Amanda around!
I think she liked Little Red almost as much as Justin does.

The kids started piano lessons with great excitement!

I'm still trying to figure out how to help them keep that excitement! (Tips Welcomed!)
 It's wonderful (mostly) to hear their music!

Grandma Morris came to attend Justin's baptism and stayed for almost a week!
We loved having her around! It sure was great to have her help so much.You should see the amazing job she did seasoning my pan!

 We can't wait till we can visit her again! 

Justin was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! I still can't believe he's old enough, but he was well prepared.  We felt so blessed to have family come from so far and to have our new friends come too!

Grandpa and Grandma Z and Isaac also came and stayed a night to attend the baptism. We took them on a walk down to the creek. I discovered that my Mum likes snakes like my dad does! That made Justin happy.


Mansius Family said...

I can't believe that when we first meet each other our boys were just turning 2 and now they are both baptized. They are both getting so grown up and handsome. Tell Justin that the Mansius family says, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!" My 2 oldest are also taking piano lessons and they were both so excited at first. In fact it was Joshie who asked me if he could learn how to play the piano. Now they are not so excited. If you figure out how to keep them excited let me know!!! So glad that things are going well for you cute family! Miss you!

Eve said...
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Eve said...

Congrats on being baptized, Justin! That's such an exciting time, and for Moms and Dads, too :-)

Blogging q for ya, Julie...I like your photo collages. Did you use Picasa to create them?

Anonymous said...

That was an exciting month!!!
That was wonderful that you were baptized Justin!!!!!
And so many fun visitors!!!
I can hardly wait to come visit too.

Michelle said...

You live in such a beautiful place! I love the pictures. Good luck on the house. It looks so cool, especially the 2.5 acres.