On Saturday morning , I woke up in a silly mood! 

 Maybe it is because I FINALLY got enough sleep after having a rough time adjusting to the time change. 
Maybe it is because it was St. Patrick's Day. 

I don't know about you, but the longer I live, the more that I soooo do not understand.
I'm over it, so I was bent on creating some fun!

After I went around pinching everyone (I wonder why we do that?!?), by decree, I informed my family that I would be serving green breakfast to all those wearing green!!!

Eventually, they all came up with something GREEN to wear. 

Justin, put on the only green shirt he had, which he happened to have dug out of a hamper, and he thought me ridiculous for instituting the green rule but he wanted to eat his yogurt by-golly, so he complied. 

Anna helped Dallin find SOMETHING (a receiving blanket) which we fashioned into a cape.

I'm sure he was thinking, "what is mom being so goofy for!?"
 Anna searched in vain for something green to wear, but then had a stroke of genius and came down wearing this:


I told her to get her green on...and she did. 

It was a good day all day, especially every time I looked over at Anna. ;)


thedailydelights said...

You and Patrick have the cutest leprechauns Julie! And they are lucky to have a fun, silly mom! xo

Andrea said...

That's hilarious!! I wish we had one of those. Hurray for being fun and silly.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you make things fun!!!! Life is too short to waste any time being bored or sad, and you're teaching your kids to have fun and find joy in simple things. That way they'll always be happy, because life is really a lot of simple things. I love to see my grandkids in your pictures!!!! Thank YOU!!!! I love my sweet Julie!!!!! Love, MOM

Janelle said...

Please thank Anna profusely for me for getting her green on!!! And making me laugh, really hard! :)

Michelle said...

I love the frog costume and how each of your kids got to find something green to wear on their own. You have creative kids.