do the math.

Start with a little cabin an hour away

 + rocks to throw. lots of them

+ a cute big sister OR brother
+ hands for holding
+ lots of room to roam and GORGEOUS weather for an early morning walk. 

 + Grandpa and Grandma Julie
+ blocks 
+ a tiny barn  
+lots of little piggies.

+ the soon to be weds.

 + a bunch of trees to climb  
+ a carefree daddy  
+ his buddy 

+ oil pastels 
+ 1970's stationary  
 + the perfect amount of sunlight

 + 1 deliciously juicy, drippy watermelon  
+ 3 VERY sticky children

+ plenty of time to relax
+ lots of laughter
+ some very comfy retro chairs.

daily chores


the usual fighting and teasing

110* heat

it equals
tHe mOsT pErfeCtesT DaY eVeR!

  i'm just aching to go up again. 
you would make the perfect addition.
wanna come next time?


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying the cabin. Your grandparents are smiling down on the happy family memories. Yes, we'll join you sometime. Love, MOM

Amanda Warren said...

I can't believe your little sister is old enough to get married!

kristi said...

that looks like so much fun! Wish we were closer to come along! Great pictures :)

i said...

my sister is growing up! i can't believe it either. and yes kristi. i wish you were closer too!!!

Amber said...

That looks like perfection right there. I love summer days like that. :) Your sister is adorable. So are your kids- and you and the grandparents (did I get everyone?)

Amy said...

Great pictures!!!!

Stacie said...

What great pictures and what a fun day!!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

great pics, julie! I love it when I find the right combination to make the perfect day!