Some days I am not exactly patient.

And it's not pretty. 

Last week I had one of those days. 

They happen more often than I'd like them to on this journey called motherhood.

You know the days. 


On the edge days, where at any moment you could be knocked off the edge by the slightest puff of air.

The day before,Bounty napkins that were usually 3.40 which were rolled down to 1.97 as a special treat.

And I usually buy the ghetto ones.

I opened it up, then minutes later I look over and there they were.

199 Quilted Bounty napkins, scattered across the floor.

It was just enough to push me over the edge.
There I was teetering as I asked commanded them to clean it up. 

Then, in the way only a young child would, they proceeded to crumple each napkin in their little hands and cram it in the bag.I tried to show them a better way to put them back in the bag by picking up a flat stack at a time but it was no use.

I gave them a bigger bag so in their crumpled state, the napkins could all fit. 

Then just as they finished gathering them, Dallin dumped them out. 


Utter despair began to set in.
But then, for some reason, I came to, stepped back and thought to myself:

"What kind of crazy woman am I?"

"I'm about to implode, all because $1.97 worth of napkins are being destroyed." 

Seconds later, I stepped all the way away from the edge and told the kids not to worry about picking them up.

You know that is VERY hard to say when soo close to loosing it.

I told them that they could do that later.

It was time to play.....and they did. 


I was too.

It makes me happy when with one conscious decision,I can turn something ugly into a beautiful moment.

Here's to me and remembering to create moments of BOUNTY and fun more often!

Believe me, my kids are worth $1.97. 

Final note to self and to all of you who may get to the edge:

What "catastrophe" can you turn into a BOUNTY moment today????


craftyashley said...

That's awesome. I'm not sure if I would have been Mom enough to let it go. With that as my inspiration, I will try and step back from the edge too. :)

Amy said...

Sounds all too familiar!

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

Good for you and for you kids! They look like they're having the time of their lives with those napkins! That is easier said than done, to step back like that. A great victory for you as a mother!

Mythreesons said...

wow. Great perspective, but you are a far stronger mom than myself! I don't ever make it to the "bounty" moments, but it sure looks fun!

Chels said...

adorable. simply adorable. you are a great mommy. you saw the youth in the moment, and then you introduced them to the fun. wonderful mommy!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was great!!! See, I've told you that you're a great Mom and this proves it!! Don't forget to tell them not to do that again unless they want to pay you for the Bountiful fun stuff. Love, MOM

Karen said...

Thank you for sharing that. What a good example of what is MOST important. I will be looking for Bounty moments. One time I heard someone say something similar about a roll of tape. It feels good to let go sometimes. :)

Melissa said...

I know that edge! I've been there!! :)
What a great thing for you to have done. I'm impressed that you were able to take a step back and rethink the situation.
Looks like they got way more than $2 of fun out of those napkins :)

Andrea said...

Thank you! Here, here!

Judy said...

Sometimes those hard moments end up being the best!!!

Anonymous said...

Aw Julie, you are such the rockin' mom! So happy for you, hope I can think about it when my kiddos trash our place tomorrow! xoxo, katrina

Michelle said...

thanks for the reminder :)

Becky said...

I LOVED that Julie! Thanks for sharing!!! Miss you, Becky

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

You're my idol, Julie! I am over the edge far too much!!

i said...

this post was the exception to the rule!!! a sorta reminder for me to seize the moment! :) i want to do this MORE.

Audrey Taylor said...

Man oh Man do you know how to make good days. I wish I was more like you (obviously since I wear baking soda now!!!)

Angie Larkin said...

Oh I LOVE IT! I love it. I needed this. I freaked out on Evan the other day when he pulled a shelf of DVD's down. Then he quivered his lip and told me he needed to go rest (aka get out of this crazy woman's path of destruction). Oh I love that baby and I had to hold him and kiss him. I hate that crazy lady. I love this post.

Mary said...

I've gotta keep trying to be better...and my children are worth way more than $1.97...thanks for the perspective.....

Tara said...

My children are also worth more than $1.97. It's the $1.97, 20 times a day that I'm not so sure about :).

What an inspiring moment for us all. I once let Lincoln finger paint in the milk he spilled and I let all the kids finish eating the spaghetti with their hands {it was WAY too late by the time I got there to make a difference}. That's all I can come up with in 9.5 years. I definitely need more "BOUNTY" moments!

Lesley said...

Thanks for posting this!