We interupt the regularly sceduled program to bring you a public service announcement.

While thumbing through St. Rose's Fall calendar, I found a Love and Logic Course.

And it's for a GREAT price!!!

I paid $90 bucks for a course which is average.

This one is only $25 bucks!

Course description:

Love & Logic -Early Childhood Made Fun!
Learn practical skills to handle the most frustrating parenting concerns.
Five sessions.
Adults only.
Cost: $25 (Includes Manual)
Mondays- November 16, 23, 30, December 7, 14:
4-6 P.M.
Located at Family to Family behind St. Rose Hospital (Boulder and Lake Mead in Henderson)
To register, call Family to Family:
(They said they have room for only 10-12 more so call soon.)

I'm going...again!
(Believe me, I can ALWAYS use a refresher course.)

I'm hiring a babysitter to come to my house, so If you live near me and want to split that cost, let me know. ;)
Yes, 4-6 is a weird time, but I like it because I'll get home after the class at about the same time as my husband.

I know I sure needed it.

You know it's bad when your 5 yr. old mentions, "mom, could you please get a babysitter. it's no fun being around you." ouch! 

It's sad, but true.
At least I can blame the foul mood on this pesky cold which better be gone by tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great! Great that you're passing it along to others too. Have fun!! Love, MOM

Pink Little Ladies said...

What day are you going? I would like to go with you.

Melissa said...

That's great! It does sound like they have some great ideas - I hope you have a good time!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

I would go with ya if I lived close! Share what you learn!

Stacie said...

OOH! Thanks for the tip!