Digital Disection.

5. Steps to Morris family fun....led by daddy of course.

1.Find an ancient laptop in the trashcan.
2. Try to turn it on .
3. If that fails, get out the tools.
4. Di sect it.
5 Demolish!!!!

What did your family do for "fun" tonight?
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Angie said...

Thats my brother! :)

Audrey Taylor said...

He's in the ZONE!

Stacie said...

Wow, free laptop, free table and chairs, apparently I need to start scavenging your neighborhood!

Melissa said...

My mom saved an old VCR for my oldest to pull apart and look at. He loved it!

Michelle said...

for FHE last week we watched videos on you tube of theme songs from our favorite childhood cartoons...but no computer disections recently. :)
remember bill peavoy? he tried to teach me how to take apart a computer and put it back together again. it kind of confused me.
i'm impressed that Patrick let the kids "help!" I'm sure they loved it. was he able to get it to work?

i said...

stacie......yes. you do need to scavenge in my hood. i find sooo much wonderful trash.

and yes, michelle, he did let him help...mainly cause it was purely observe and demolish! :) my kids are wonderful at destroying things. patrick too. ;)

Henderson Theobalds said...

Atta boy Patrick! He can make anything fun!

Angie Larkin said...

That is so Patrick. Love the title.