we had a wonderful independence day...and have got the numbers to prove it!

the number of slices of watermelon i ate with gusto.
i just can't get enough of the stuff!
justin likes it too, no?

number of times dallin laughed while pursuing his newest favorite summer activity

gallons of water anna ingested wildest imagining she had gills.

number of fireworks dallin got to watch while celebrating his first independence day.

number of extremely happy cousins experiencing the BEST 4th of July EVER!

my blood pressure/heart rate every time the kids were swinging fire around.
anna was given a sprarkler and did what any wise 2 yr. old would do....
she threw it on the ground cautioning the silly adults, "danger!"

number of black spots i accidentally made on the wall...sorry grandma and grandpa!
i just REALLY love watching those snakes UP CLOSE. :)

number of dollars it took to make Justin one VERY happy boy.

what time it was when i realized that Justin hadn't properly been taught what we celebrate on the 4th of july when i asked, "justin, why do we set off fireworks today?"
his reply, "to celebrate fireworks?!?"
oh my. i fixed that one quick.

number of minutes it took 3 big boys to set up a single well orchestrated display.

number of rose blooms that were frolicing around the asfalt in unison to my delight.
i just love those little gnomes of flashing light.

(approximate) pounds of trash we added to the landfill this year.

number of tears that fell from my face while listening to the national anthem and contemplating the freedoms we enjoy and the opportunity of living in this great land!

the fraction of people in my little family who were zonked out in the yard after a long, fun day.

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Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

Isn't the 4th of July such a fun holiday? Fireworks, BBQ's and watermelon, how could you go wrong? It looks like you guys had a great one!

Karissa said...

This post made me smile. What a great traditional 4th of July. LOVE IT! :-)

Jill said...

Your naration always makes me smile.

Katrina said...

What a fun 4th! You can't ask for more. Family, Watermelon, and fireworks. I am glad you guys had a good one!

Becky said...

We had a similar Fourth of July and it was a BLAST! We even got to see a parade. Fun, family and food, it was a good. Glad your family had a great holiday, you deserve it!

Minna and Matt Pedersen said...

It was a good 4th :) Even better cause I was there!!

Stacie said...

I'm glad your camera got some really good pics! Some of mine didn't turn out. My favorite? The family sleeping!

Michelle said...

What a fun post! Sounds like you guys had an absolute blast! You got some great pictures. I think it is absolutely hillarious that Anna threw the sparkler down like that and said "danger!" Ha! She is downright funny.

Amy said...

How fun!!! I am so sad, we didn't have any snakes this year. Those are my favorite.

Anonymous said...

You sure have a fun way of telling stories. You're cute!!! Love, MOM