when sweet dreams turn into nightmares!

i've been in dreamland {for the most part}
since anna decided to start using the potty 3 weeks ago,
just days after i accidentally took her commando style to an outdoor bbq
{didn't even notice she had no diaper on, i have issues, i know}.
at the very end of the night, my friend saw her lift her dress and asked,
"is anna wearing a diaper?"

appearantly she wasn't and hadn't cared to tell anyone!

after that night of freedom, i think she realized what she had been missing all these years.

she told me on monday, may 4th.
"anna has to go pee pee!"

and she did.

since then....

she's toured the globe using many, many new and exciting toilet facilities,

she's used our cute little "port a potty" {yes, i bring her little bowl ...sooooo handy.}

there has been much liberating bareback riding and horse bathing consequently.

we've had many mini potty party's full of cheering and flushing.
anna is LOVING it!

i share a story to illustrate her success....
one bright, spring morning this week, it was a dream to be sleeping away on that sunday morning only to be woken by her joyous squeal,
"mommmmeeee, i did it!"

"hooray for you anna!"
i replied as i tried with my might to go back to sleep.


story to be continued below.
{*****disclaimer:don't even think of scrolling down if you are pregnant, have a weak constitution or have eaten in the last 10 minutes.}

a bit later i rolled out of bed and began carrying on as i do every morning.

while checking my e-mail and turning on K-Zion, patrick asked from the hall next to me, "what is dallin eating?"

"uhhh, i don't know,what is it?!?" i quickly replied.

that's when the nightmare part began.

justin chimmed in,
"mom, dallin is eating anna's poop!....
and he likes it!"

i surveyed the scene of the crime.

it was worse than i had ever imagined.

and way nastier

and way stinkier.


then while enduring utter disqust i did what any mother who values the preservation of memories would do....

i grabbed my camera.

for posterity you know.

then there was nose plugging, baby bathing, sink sanitizing, probiotic powder feeding and milk of course...to wash it all down.

i have often wondered as a mother, could my job get any more disqusting!?!?

sunday, i realized it could.

it did.

have you ever googled, "my baby ate poop?"

well i have.


Amy said...

OH my gosh, I about choked! That is so sick, but so funny.

Darrell and Alissa said...

Oh my gosh Julie- I don't know what I would have done!! I thought it was bad when my friends little boy was found sucking on the plunger- I can't imagine if there were chunks to me ingested!!!

Chels said...

Well, even with the disclamer, I thought I can handle it... and I will tell you, maybe it has been POOP week!?!?!? My kallin keeps taking his diaper off and we have had 2 poop messes. No one is eating it thank heaven, but I have had to clean carpet, wood, toys, you name it. YUCK! Your story does beat mine though! I can't let my mind linger on it, or I get that tossing stomache, but SO FUNNY--- And yet SO NASTY! haha!

Anonymous said...

I hesitated to click on "3 of you enjoyed reading this" ... because I wasn't sure that I enjoyed it, but....oh well, you know what they say, "__it happens!" even to the best Moms ... like YOU!!!! LOVE, MOM

Becky said...

That's DISGUSTING! I am so sorry that you had to go through that.

Jill said...

Yuck and I'm sorry and I love that you took pictures because that means you still had a sense of humor about it all. (and of course, you could avoid cleaning up for like, 5 more seconds)
What are blogs for if not for recording moments like that:)

Tara said...

WoW that's NASTY. Having a potty-training child myself {thanks for letting us use the port-a-potty-great idea to bring it along} I can somewhat imagine this happening. I certainly hope it doesn't! The sickest part is that he liked it. You've gotta get that boys taste-buds checked out-don't ya think?

I'm still choking back the vomit, but you warned us. So funny and I'm so glad it hasn't happened to me {knock on wood}.

Karen said...

When my daughter was a baby, she was taking a bath and filled her water with excrement. Then, I turned around and she was eating it. The only thing I can say was thank goodness she was already in the bath. I was so freaked out that I called Poison Control! To which they replied (probably trying not to laugh) that she might have a bit of a tummy ache but she would be just fine. Happens to the best of us but still thoroughly disgusting!

Theresa said...

wow!,.. that is disgusting,.. prego or not you know I can't resist scrolling down. ew,... I'm just hoping the 2 bites of cream of wheat I've eaten today don't come back to haunt me. And,... that is hilarious that Anna went commando to the party hahaha.

Stacie said...

Oh gross gross gross gross!!!!!!!

Dallin, when you are a teenager I'm sure you will really appreciate that this incident has been forever captured on camera.

Angie Larkin said...

I can't...I can't...I don't know what to say or do! I'm freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm sure you could have predicted that). I can't believe he didn't get sick! I think I have to rearrange my germ phobia. If you can live through literally eating a turd...you can live through just about anything. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larae Taylor Merritt said...

Oh, Julie! That was really gros, but too funny! I'm so glad you shared with all of us, and of course the picture too! EWWW! I'm glad he didn't get sick!

Michelle said...

I HAVE googled that before actually. One time Weston was sticking his hand into his poopy diaper and trying to eat it. I was horrified, but felt better after looking it up on the internet... and bathing him of course.

Sam said...

Britta loves bathroom humor, so of course she loved it when I told her Dallin's poop story. She keeps asking me, "Mom, tell me that poop story again. The one where the baby eats the poop." She loved the pictures too. So GROSS!

Anonymous said...

oh my, oh...my goodness!!! First of all: congrats to lil' miss Anna! How wonderful...and don't feel so bad about the dress with no underwear, it's happened to my lil' Anna as well!. And as for Dallin, oh, our lil' explorer is just as facinated with the potty. Though we haven't go the posterity pics yet. :) luv you more for sharing! xoxo katrina

Jill said...

Good luck with the school thing.
Both of my oldest have gone to most of kintergaten. Kate's been homeschooled the last 2 years. I finally feel like I know what I'm doing and have a curriculum down that I like, but they are both going to public school for at least a bit next year. Call me anytime for a full run down.
Good luck with the adventure of both choosing and doing.

Amber said...


Yay on the potty successes though.

Mel said...

Oh My.

I really don't know what else to say.

Mary said...

What the... Oh man...

Julie...I'm disgusted, bewildered, amazed, confussed, in disbelief, What.... Are you sure...no way...did he get sick...I'm sooooooo sorry!

I'm not looking forward to the crawling stage...with three.

Amy Joy said...

That gets an OH MY GOSH and an LOL and I never use either. My kids thought it was so funny they kept asking me to go back to the picture. Poop and all that is one cute baby. Guess we don't gross out easy. I love your non profit/ family CEO.

Amy Joy said...

have to add a pun before I go. I am adding you to my blog list bc I so have to come back and read this crap:)

Michelle said...

Nice! Thanks for the laugh today.

Craig Family said...

I am so proud of you for grabbing your camera! SOOO FUNNY~