i discovered (again) the remedy for the blues.

it's no secret.

it's re-learning to have a prayer in your heart.

it's help from above.

it's service.

it's friendship.

it's uplifting music.

it's creating.

it's this awesome channel i just found on you-tube.

(which i might say, was a huge blessing for me today.)

it's even capable when your house is still a disaster from the weekend, and your children are sick and cranky and when you have tons of stuff to do and when you still have not reached perfection (i know, still working at it) and when you have a lot to work on as a wife/mother and when there's economic uncertainty/trials and when the sky is gray (like several pieces of your hair.)

so.....i've chased the blues away.....again.

because some days are just like that, (even in Australia .)

but not anymore, for the rest of the day.

but if the blues come knocking at my door tomorrow. i 'm ready for em!!!

and i'll probably watch a few more of these......

(which i found on the website for the LDS church.)

i think it's new....and i think it's awesome.


so i say to you....have a happy day...even if you live in Australia.

and if you have anymore remedies for those blue days...do share!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your were depressed. I'm grateful that you know where to turn for the remedy. Wonderful!! I love my sweet Julie!! I love Bro. Wirthlin's message ... so simple and peaceful, like our Savior and the gospel. U-tube is different, there's a lot of bad stuff on there, sad. Keep Smiling and kiss my sweet grandkids for me until I'm there to kiss them myself. Love, MOM

Ryan, Melissa and Addy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better after hearing this. How could you not? It was such an amazing last talk from such an amazing, sweet man! Just lovely!

Anonymous said...

If there is anything I can do to cheer you up let me know. You are such a powerful influence of optimism I hate to see you down in the dumps. I'm glad you turned to conference talks to ease your concerns.

i said...
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i said...

thanks :) i am no longer in the dumps. just a bit overwhelmed at times...aren't we all. there is no catastrophy....just one of those days. you know?? :)

Becky said...

Julie, Sorry you had a "not so great" day. I am thankful to you for being a faithful Visiting teacher and coming even thoug all that was going on. You will be blessed for it. It helped my day to have you stop and say "Hello" Have a GREAT day tomorrow! And let me know if you need anything OK. Love, Becky : )

Sarah said...

I can't even imagine you having one of those days. you were always one who cheered me up. But hey we all get those days. Especially as an overstretched mommy! I feel you girl!

Karen said...

I've had many of those days. I have to say, I love doing fun things with my kids (as you can probably tell from my blog) and so I pick myself up and we find an activity or two to do. A new environment seems to work wonders. Hope you're having a great day today. We should get together sometime!

Jill said...

Thanks for this reminder! I tend to give in a little too easily. Next time I'm in that place I'm thinking, What would Julie do?!

Mel said...

I'd like to meet the problem that didn't turn and run when faced with your sweet smile and AMAZING attitude. You got this girlie!

Angie Larkin said...

I have no great advice. I'm pretty psycho and just try not to do much damage along the way! But I just wanted to say hi and I love ya. I haven't called you back yet. I thought it was adorable that you wanted to sing happy birthday on the phone. I hope that wasn't the day you were sad!

Melissa said...

Come what may, indeed :)
You have such a fantastic attitude! I usually wallow in self pity. I'm an expert wallower. Champion, even.
Usually to pull me out of a funk I listen to some good music. I try to find something that will make me laugh. And I TRY to rearrange my priorities!