This is called THE MEGA SWEEP.
Documentation of the real but not so pretty stuff in my life.
Happens after very long weekends (and on a smaller scale mostly every day.)
Because I'm too lazy to pick it all up off of the floor.
May sit there for days.
Yucky, dreaded, nasty.
Thank heavens for the large dust mop.(and all hard floors.)
Can I blame it ALL on my kids???
Housekeeping is NOT my forte.
Am I the only one!!??!?!


PookaB said...

Believe me, you are NOT the only one. Just ask Matthew!

Anonymous said...

Wow ... take a deep breath... now repeat after me; I...THINK...I can. I THINK I can. I THINK I can. I THINK I CAN!!!
Guess Who?

Ryan Englehart Family said...

dont worry...its a daily thing around here....just grab the broom and push.....I was really lazy today, me nephew was here and the kids wanted to swim so I said before we swim we have to pick up toys upstairs and downstairs......and guess what my house is CLEAN!

Karen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. I bribed my daughter with ice cream if she would help me clean up the front room. The hard wood floor thing sounds tempting. My carpet is so stained, it is atrocious (sp?). Let's put it this way, my nativity from Christmas is still out. Talk about a bad housekeeper!!!

Katrina Madsen Berg said...

beautiful julie, of course i remember you...you're bubbly life of the party essence! your kids are darling...we have an Anna too, just she's an Anneclaire :) and piggy tail challenged as well! Congrats on #3. Can't wait to read more about you guys. luv,

Jill Mennig said...

Ah, the mega-sweep. I know it all too well. What's scary is how much stuff is in there on the days I thought my house was pretty clean.

Melissa said...

Are you the only one? Nope. Maybe you and I are the only two, but at least we're not alone. At least you're willing to post pictures. I won't even do that!

Audrey Taylor said...

NOPE. Not the only one. You haven't been over in a while.
So how's the baby and when are you due?

Katrina Madsen Berg said...

luv that Anna was born at home too :). my midwive in vegas has now retired...do you have any suggestions? One of my good friends still there is looking.

The Morris Fam said...

Katrina, Kaye must be the retired midwife you had??? She was mine too.
April Kermani and Renee Hanevold would be my top 2 choices for a midwife in Las Vegas. Good luck.

The Calvert Family said...

Man oh man, if I could get a hold on my clutter habits that would be great. That is one of my worste problems as a homemaker, aside from the fact that I usually don't cook because I am usually in school, and. . . well, I think that's enough of my guilty confessions.

Anonymous said...

Get a dumpster and a shovel!

Love Nick Z