One for the quote book...

I thought I'd share this...when I should be facilitating the toy bomb clean-up!

A conversation between Justin and I:

Justin: "Mom, there's a baby in your tummy."

Me: "What kind of baby am I having?"

Justin: "You have to make it a boy."

Me: "How do you know?"

Justin: "I had a spirit and Father Heaven told me he is a boy. "

Justin, after a pause....: "His name should be Ongja."

He told me on another occasion something similar...Something to the effect that he saw Heavenly Father in a cloud and he told him he's having a brother. Sweet, kind of interesting, out of the usual, possibly prophetic?!

I wonder how much kids really do know. We'll find out in a few months...but I can tell you one thing, the baby's name will NOT be Ongja!


The Calvert Family said...

Ah, but Ongja is the awsommestest name ever.

Jean Smith Photography said...

hi...i don't mean to bombard on your family blog, but i just wanted to stop and say thanks for visiting my blog! your words made my day! congrats by the way!

Melissa said...

Ongja... how exactly do you pronounce that? :)
My oldest son wanted a brother... and he got one. Then he wanted a sister... and he got one... although, I think if he knew the craziness the sister was bringing, he might go back and change his mind ;)

Bunting Family said...

Nathan kept telling me that Katie was a boy, so you never know. I'm sure you could pick a nicer name for him if it is a boy...hehe!

lilmegmo said...

That is one of the greatest names I have ever heard! And who else would think of it but Justino. I think its a boy too, so justin and I will have to wait and see.

The Dover Family said...

What a nice story to have on the books. We will just have to wait and see. :)

Audrey Taylor said...

Okay, I won't post these on my blog, but Ben has said a few funny things. Today we were at my brother Loren's house and you know those hand held things that are plastic and there are two balls that you try to swing and hit against each other? Well, they had one that had lights that lit up when the balls would hit each other so I kept playing with it and I said, "These are the coolest knockers I've ever played with." Ben goes, "I've got a better set of knockers you can play with!"
Then another time some friends gave us this sex book that had all these different positions photographed in it. Ben was chewing on a cup of ice and he said, "Bring me the ek book." I said, "Huh?" Kind of disbelieving that he would want to look at it. So I walk over and hand the sex book to him. He took a look at it, swallowed his ice and said, "No, I said the check book!"

Angie Larkin said...

Stranger things have happened. For example, consider this exchange between my sister and law and her two year old son.
Garrett: Mom, does Ginger love us?
Sara: Who's Ginger?
Garrett: Ginger in heaven. Ginger in your tummy.
Sara: There is no one in my tummy.
Fast forward three weeks.
Sara: Oh my gosh. There is someone in my tummy.
Fast forward eight months.
A girl was born and her name was Ginger.
I rest my case.

Nate and Marcie said...

It's so fun to see your family's blog, thanks for finding us! Congrats on the pregnancy, that's exciting. Keep in touch!

Angie Larkin said...

Wow! I got my own map loco for my blog and it is so fun! I love getting good ideas from your blog...ah...how can I ever thank you for inviting me to blog land?

K.C. & Ipuna said...

Thanks for peeking in! I will let Michelle know. Her e-mail is michelle_usa@hotmail.com
if you want to send her a message! 3 is fun and crazy!

Darrell and Alissa said...

That is the greates name ever- come on- why not have a little Ongja Morris- flows so nicely!

Anonymous said...

How do we pronounce that??? If you name it Ongja ... do home schooling... otherwise it'll drive the teachers crazy!!!! Love, Mom