Afton's princess party.

Afton, Justin's friend had a cute princess party for her 4th Birthday. What a cute little royal pair!
Justin received his first "dancing lessons" from Afton whom is well versed in the art of dancing. It was so cute. He just followed her lead. She is such a little princess. It was especially fun to hear Afton and Justin talking about TRUE LOVE in the other room. She said to Justin in a dramatic voice, "you don't know what true love is!" Justin responded like a man, "I want to know, uh, I'm trying too." So stereotypical!
Anna and Evan
So cute! Angie is such a great mommy!



Melissa said...

Love it! "I'm trying too" hehehehe :)

The Dover Family said...

I loved the Justin comments about Love, From the mouth of Babes.

Sabine said...

You write very well.