My Husband : A RANDOM Romantic

Patrick is overflowing with creativity. I doubt that another woman on the entire planet got fruit flowers that looked like mine for Valentine's Day. Yes, instead of heading to the floral department, he headed to the produce section. Some would have been appalled by such a display but I was giddy. I just couldn't stop giggling when I thought of how randomly romantic Patrick is. He said, "I always get you real flowers. I thought I would do something different this year." And he did....( As a side note he did also get me pearls) Not that you could top the Fruit Flower montage!
Justin loved Valentines Day. Especially the cards from his little friends at school and the bag of Chocs from mommy. His only disappointment was that when we went outside, there were no decorations around the neighborhood. He said in a somber voice, " It doesn't look like Valentines Day out here." I guess Christmas decor set a high standard in his mind. Luckily his teacher had plenty of hearts and cupid cut-outs on the wall!
Anna loves any day that she actually gets to eat candy!
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Darrell and Alissa said...

That is so sweet and cute that he thought of the fruit flowers! You know people pay lots of money to get fruit boquets- you can get them for free, or have him start up a new buisness!!

Melissa said...

First off... thanks for coming and visiting my blog :)
Secondly - those flowers are AWESOME!! How clever! So much more thought was put into that than grabbing a bouquet at a random flower shop!
And your kids are CUTE!! :)

The Calvert Family said...

That's so cute, you're blog is really cute! Hmmm, maybe I'll have to have Allen visit your blog. It might just send him into a creative frenzy. Well, a girl can at least dream, right?